WSIKF Fighter kite events including the Line Touch World Cup Championship Competition

This is where to find the dates and general info about the 'Line Touch World Cup Competition'. World Cup is held at the Washington State International Kite Festival, WSIKF, the best kite festival in the USA. If you want more fighter kite fun than you can imagine, don't miss WSIKF in August! There are lots of friendly fighter kite fans to fly with and to learn from!

You can also view and post on the 'Events' section of the Fighter Kite Forum portion of this website any info about local fighter kite events you want other fighter kite fans to know about.

BigFighterKiteGrins, bruce

The Washington State International Kite Festival August each year. This link is to the web site of one of the best kite festivals in the world and the best kite festival, by far, in the USA. This is the home of the annual NAFKA-WSIKF 'Line Touch World Cup Championships' as well as many other fighter kiting events. When you are on the WSIKF web page, click on 'events' and then click on each day of the festival to see all the figher kiting activity!!