Fighter Kite Links

The following links will lead you to many other web sites with fighter kite related information.

If you know of additional fighter kite related web sites you think the rest of us would enjoy please email the URL's to me and I'll include them.

BigGrins, bruce

This is Geoff Crumplin's website. He's a very creative talented fighter kite designer/maker...worth spending some time, imho.

A great source for a wide variety of fighter kite plans!

Ivan Torreadrado's, he's nesko on the forum, great new fighter kite site, it's in French.

Bob White's wonderful fighter kite blog.

Lee Valley Tools Indian Fighting Kites Page.

'FIGHTERS' the 1999 classic fighter kite reference book in 13 PDF files

Giacomo's Italian fighter kite web site

Ezequiel Gomes' Brazilian fighter kite web site

Kite Weather


Topica Fighter Kite Email List

Gina Hsiung's Cyberfighter site

Drachen Foundation

Ft Worden Kitemakers Conference

Gerhard Zitzmann's site

Karen Gustavson's WSIKF photo galleries

Dennis Ische's web site

Hector Casaretti's Argentina site

Holland's fighter kite league site

Team Mangalore from India

Manjha Club International

Manjha Mania site

Sun City Kite Club in India

AKA - American Kitefliers Association

Kitelife - A general kiting site with a little fighter info.

World Kite Museum

Japan kite collection

Historic information about Indonesian kites.

Mac Fighter Kites