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Where to Buy

Materials for Making Fighter Kites

Links to suppliers of materials used to make fighter kites. This includes sources for flying line, bridle line, reels, polyfilm, paper, bamboo, carbon fiber, fiberglass, kites and more!

If you know of a supplier of fighter kite related 'stuff' please email me with the details so I can post it for the rest of us to enjoy! Thanks!

One World Trading - This is a great site for 6" diameter Gator reels, waxed cotton flying line, BAMBOO SPINES AND BOWS, OFFICIAL INDIAN FIGHTER KITE TISSUE PAPER AND MYLAR. And they also carry Fusion Fighter kites and many different paper and mylar Indian style kites and one of the few places to buy manjha. The prices are very reasonable and the service is excellent! One World Trading is a wonderful fighter kiting resource.

Goodwinds Kites - Carbon fiber rods, fiberglass rods, fittings, fabrics and much more.

Kite Builder - Carbon fiber rods, carbon fiber flat stock, many different ripstop polyester and nylon fabrics, hot cutters, tools and many other interesting items.

Hang'em High - White Orcon, carbon fiber rods, braided Dacron, many polyester and nylon ripstop fabrics and Gator reels in 6" and 9" diameters, hot cutters, tools and many other interesting items.

PaperMart - Polyfilms of various types including the popular 0.8 mil metallic films most fighter kite makers use. It's my favorite type of polyfilm.

Cabelas - Braided Dacron and braided Spectra fishing lines plus any other type of fishing line you can think of. Most kite makers use either braided Dacron or Spectra for bridle lines and many of the top flyers use braided spectra fishing line for flying line as well.

Dick Blick art materials on line store - If you like making fighters with paper skins, Blick's sell art papers of all types many are really great for kite making, including madras tissue.

Peck-Polymers on line store - If you're interested in making tissue paper covered fighters....Peck's sell high quality Japanese tissue and other covering materials used for model airplanes. You have to look closely along the left side of the page for 'covering', click and you're there. It's an interesting site and worth spending a few minutes poking around.

Drachen - For books about many types of kites, videos, traditional paper/bamboo Indian fighter kites made by the premier fighter kite maker of India, Babu Kahn, at a very resonable price, plus they sell some bamboo.

World Kite Museum - Although the Museum doesn't have their large selection of kite books listed on their web site, but if you call, or email them, they can give you the details. Some of the books they carry are no longer in print and difficult to find. When you are in Long Beach, WA be certain to visit the museum, it's a great place!