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Full Size Kite Templates or Patterns

The templates listed on this page are full size printable patterns of the fighter kite, as if the kite were split along the spine. All you do is print the pages of one of these files, tape the pages together and you have a full sized kite pattern. For more detailed information about how to use these files read the file 'how to print and use full sized templates'.

In addition to the templates listed here, there are many additional fighter kite plans on the 'Plans' page that do not have full sized templates patterns on this page.

Plus on the 'Step by Step Building Info' page there are detailed articles describing various construction methods, some of them include either plans or templates.

Most of the templates listed here call for a carbon fiber rod for the bow of the kite. Bamboo can be substituted. If you use bamboo, cut the bamboo to the length of the bow of the kite template, then shape the bamboo so when its ends are positioned at the wingtips of the kite skin, the bow shape fits closely to the curve of the bow shown in the kite plan.

How to Print and Use Full Sized fighter kite Templates

How to make fighter kite bridles

Carl Anderson's EZ fighter kite instructions and template.

Template for Jeff MacInnis' famous Silhouette light-wind fighter kite.

Template for Carl Anderson's Gumby-2.

Template for Carl Anderson's 'Blockhead' Fighter Kite.

SlowHunter2 Bruce Lambert

Template for Bruce's GoodDog2 Fighter Kite.

Template for Doug's SWALLOW fighter kite.

Template for the BRUZILIAN fighter kite - Dave Young

Fat Boy Blakenator Fighter Kite- Dave Young

Split Tail Scooter Fighter Kite- Bruce Lambert

Scooter2 Fighter Kite - Bruce Lambert

GoodDog - an easy to make fighter kite - Bruce Lambert

Scooter Fighter Kite - Bruce Lambert

Hummer the Hammer Fighter Kite - Mathias Rosbund

BASF Fighter Kite - Bruce Lambert

Donna's Dog Fighter Kite - Bruce Lambert

Falcon Fighter Kite-Brian Johnsen-Jeff MacInnis

Hot Dog Fighter Kite - Bruce Lambert

Indoor Dog Fighter Kite - Bruce lambert

MUK01-2 Fighter Kite-Merwin Updyke

No Dog Fighter Kite - Bruce lambert

Phighter 3hree Fighter Kite - Ralph Resnik

Pokey Long Dog Fighter Kite - Bruce lambert

Slo Dog & Slo Long Dog Fighter Kites - Bruce Lambert

Spunky Fighter Kite - Bruce Lambert

Summer'05 Fighter Kite - Gerhard Zitzmann

Sun Dog Fighter Kite - Bruce Lambert

Tangler Fighter Kite- Bruce Lambert

Xphighter 460/a4 Fighter Kite - Ralph Resnik

Xphighter 460 v0305 a4 Fighter Kite - Ralph Resnik

Xphighter 460 v0305 Fighter Kite- Ralph Resnik

Xphighter 460 v0305_ltr Fighter Kite- Ralph Resnik