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Making Traditional Style Fighter Kites

The links above will lead you to various information about how to make Traditional style fighter kites; many plans and full sized templates, details about how other kite makers make them, plus tips and sources of where to buy materials and lots more.

Traditional fighter kites are typically kites made with indigenous materials available to the region where they were first developed. Usually this means the frame of the kite is made of split and shaped bamboo or cane and the covering or skin of the kite is made of paper of some sort, usually a tissue like paper, rice paper or other lightweight paper, but in some countries/regions leaves were used.

Countries and/or regions each developed their own style of fighter kites that they used in wars in the earliest years, and for competitive combat as entertainment later in more civilized and recent times. These kites were often regional or national artistic treasures because they were highly decorated with paints or other means.

Information offered here is oriented toward the traditional style, design and construction of fighter kites where the materials don't include the synthetics of our more modern era. However, if a fighter kite plan or template or detailed construction description includes synthetic materials, and you'd prefer the original materials; simply substitute split, shaped bamboo for carbon fiber or fiberglass for the frame materials and use paper for the skin or covering of the kite. White glue is a good alternative to the typical rice based paste used traditionally to make most traditional style fighter kites.

If you have fighter kite construction related information, plans or tips for making either traditional or American style fighter kites you'd like to share with the rest of us, please email me with your info and I'll include it on the appropriate page and of course you'll be given 100% credit for it.

BigGrins, bruce